Day 80

The day has finally come, my last day at Plum and my last day teaching. (Teaching should be in quotes for today, mostly I’ll be saying goodbye, eating cookies, and watching movies.)

I had the world’s best last day, filled with:


Physics had a pizza delivered that said Thank You in pepperoni!

I gave every physic student an award. Categories like “least likely to do things mrs Reilly’s way”, and “Physics student who knows so much more than she thinks”, and “Student who professed to dislike physics but is actually real good at it”, just fun.

They wanted a group shot with our awards

I had to give myself an award, these students and I won for “Best physics soulmates ever”.

Former students came by and we looked through last year’s blog and reminisced.

I got some amazing notes from students and former students, I’m taking them with me to my new desk. I absolutely loved this one, as the most high-school-girl note ever:

(Now I do really hope I have the best fun at my new job!!)

And CSP got these stickers because I know they are going to do great the rest of the year:

Emotional day.

On days like this, we need to look to the wisdom of the wise sage Arianna Grande: “Thank you, next.” 🙂

New email:


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