Day 58

CSP is continuing to get ready for CS Week (next week). Tuesday, we are hosting 30 8th grade girls for Hour of Code and then VR and programming robots. Borrowed Finch robots from ABC CREATE, and set them off to run through the tutorial and figure out how to make the Finch draw out a cool design.

Fascinating to see how HS kids do with the Finches, which are really designed for younger grades, as a friendly introduction to coding. My AP students know some basics of coding, so they figured it out quickly but (a) it’s still exciting when the robot does what you tell it (Look! It lit up red!), and (b) they quickly took it further based on their prior knowledge. When I showed a few groups how to add in variables, off they went. Heard lots of brainstorming — let’s use the sensor and make it do something with the flashlight. So awesome.

Tomorrow, they get to use them again, with the hope of creating spirals with the pens. And they have to figure out the Oculus Rift and Merge cubes.

Short video but I love how they’re talking and figuring out the issue.


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