Day 80

The day has finally come, my last day at Plum and my last day teaching. (Teaching should be in quotes for today, mostly I’ll be saying goodbye, eating cookies, and watching movies.)

I had the world’s best last day, filled with:


Physics had a pizza delivered that said Thank You in pepperoni!

I gave every physic student an award. Categories like “least likely to do things mrs Reilly’s way”, and “Physics student who knows so much more than she thinks”, and “Student who professed to dislike physics but is actually real good at it”, just fun.

They wanted a group shot with our awards

I had to give myself an award, these students and I won for “Best physics soulmates ever”.

Former students came by and we looked through last year’s blog and reminisced.

I got some amazing notes from students and former students, I’m taking them with me to my new desk. I absolutely loved this one, as the most high-school-girl note ever:

(Now I do really hope I have the best fun at my new job!!)

And CSP got these stickers because I know they are going to do great the rest of the year:

Emotional day.

On days like this, we need to look to the wisdom of the wise sage Arianna Grande: “Thank you, next.” 🙂

New email:

Day 76

AP CSP is watching The Imitation Game, to wrap up our study of encryption with a bow. Lots of the concepts we’ve discussed in class and grappled through on the website are illustrated in this move.

The picture above shows a student who brought up a website with the Enigma machine codified and was playing with it while watching.

The picture below is a student who brought up the dataisbeautiful website to look at the data visualization we had studied that shows each scene of movies based on real life and colors codes the veracity of the scene. Love it so much. These kids are so smart, all I can tell them is it’s “based” on the real story.

In other news, students found out I’m leaving for a new job in mid January. Homemade cookies in every class today to butter them up and assuage my guilt. 🙂

Day 64

Wrapped up CS Week with a visit from 3 Googlers. The students had created a gdoc which they all added questions they wanted to ask. Then during their visit, the kids were taking notes and editing their Qs as the engineers talked. It was awesome. Made for a great discussion. I was so proud of their questions and interactions.

The engineers brought google sunglasses, a perfect ending to a great visit. The CS students walking around the school with their glasses on…priceless.

And I’m officially exhausted from CS Week. 🙂

Day 61

CS Week in full swing. We invited 26 8th grade girls up to the high school and the AP students helped them with Hour of Code (Dance Party–it was fun and perfect), then we went to the library and they did VR, coded some Finch robots, made light up cards with circuits, played with Sphero robots, and even did AR with the Merge cubes.

They loved it all. I was so proud of the high school students, who were so helpful and nice.

Thanks to the tech dept who came to the rescue and to our librarian for putting up with the mayhem.

More pics (I could’ve taken a hundred):

Day 59

Physics knows kinetics and free fall so they are able to calculate their reaction time just by dropping a ruler and catching it. No stop watches involved. Great little lab.

Look how hard they’re working at the stand up desk. ❤️❤️❤️

Day 58

CSP is continuing to get ready for CS Week (next week). Tuesday, we are hosting 30 8th grade girls for Hour of Code and then VR and programming robots. Borrowed Finch robots from ABC CREATE, and set them off to run through the tutorial and figure out how to make the Finch draw out a cool design.

Fascinating to see how HS kids do with the Finches, which are really designed for younger grades, as a friendly introduction to coding. My AP students know some basics of coding, so they figured it out quickly but (a) it’s still exciting when the robot does what you tell it (Look! It lit up red!), and (b) they quickly took it further based on their prior knowledge. When I showed a few groups how to add in variables, off they went. Heard lots of brainstorming — let’s use the sensor and make it do something with the flashlight. So awesome.

Tomorrow, they get to use them again, with the hope of creating spirals with the pens. And they have to figure out the Oculus Rift and Merge cubes.

Short video but I love how they’re talking and figuring out the issue.